Mobility Index

Great connectivity and essentially proximity to everything is mostly one of the key questions asked by home buyers. With City Performer you can respond precisely, effortlessly, and instantly.


An overview of mobility in an area

Public transport - accessibility to public transport stations and stops

Car - availability of paid and free parking in an area, roads classification

Micromobility - the nearest cycleways and bikesharings in a location




Isochrone maps help you better evaluate residential areas and anticipate travel time

Up to 10 minutes - the most accessible amenities in an area

Up to 20 minutes - points of interest accessible within 20 minutes

Up to 30 minutes - zones accessible in less than 30 minutes from your property

Routes and directions

Add your points of interest and receive analytics about averaging commuting time and distance

You can add your clients’ points of interest — such as school, work or favorite restaurant — and City Performer instantly calculates averagecommuting time, distances, connections and traffic. This feature enormously helps your clients to understand how daily life will look like in their newhome. City Performer uses real-time data and constantly updates the nearest possible routes to enable you to deliver your clients exceptional service.


Routes and directions

An interactive overview of the nearest parking lots

Your clients have different demands. City Performer maps the nearest parking lots and also analyzes which parking lots are for free and which are paid. Such detail can make a huge difference in your clients’ buying decision. Let’s offer your clients innovative real estate services.

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