Integration into systems, CRMs and websites (API)

Streamline data, analytics and indices directly to your website or CRM. Utilize the power of data for your business. Offer your clients upgraded services and provide higher added value.


Fast and easy integration to any of your systems

City Performer API is ready-to-use and effortless to integrate. Adapt to changing customer demands and offer your clients an innovative way to search and buy a new property. Most of home buyers are searching properties online, with City Performer API you a gain competitive advantage and shorten the sales cycle. Most importantly you provide your clients with a higher added value.




Visualize data in widgets

Save time and money and use our ready-made widgets to visualize data via API in a very friendly user interface for your clients. Data updates are included.

Advanced property search

Enable your clients to search properties based on location’s qualities that satisfy their needs

An innovative data-driven property search, which reimagined how your clients find their dream home. This feature enables your clients to search and find properties according to their preferences and needs, such as proximity to parks and greenery, good air quality, schools nearby or neighborhood’s connectivity.


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