Cost of Living

Buying a new home is just a beginning. We want to ensure that your clients will thrive in their new environment. The new location must also satisfy your clients’ budget criteria. City Performer analyzes and measures monthly expenses in a wide range of categories.

Consumer Price Statistics

We collect and analyze consumer prices in a specific area for last 2 years.

These statistics provide detail insights about change in consumer prices in a wide range of categories as: utilities, transportation, restaurants, food & beverages, sport & leisure, childcare or clothing in a specific area for last 2 years. These indicators help you and your clients predict how prices evolve and how it impacts quality of living. Now you can recommend to your clients areas and neighborhoods that satisfy their requirements.



Price Levels and Budget Distribution

Explore prices for a variety of consumer goods and services in a location

We are constantly researching consumer prices and visualizing an extensive overview of price levels for different consumer goods and services in alocation. With City Performer you can present to your clients average distribution of expenses per selected category and consequently optimize budget allocation to maximize the value for your clients.

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