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Real estate professionals play a very important role in many people’s lives. You don’t only provide your clients with a property, your provide them with a home, you enable them to thrive, you are there when their dreams come true. However, the World is changing fast and along is changing the World’s largest asset class - Real Estate. Our goal is to support real estate professionals in this transition and beyond. With City Performer you can always focus on your next move, because we take care of every single step in your value-creation process.

City Performer is a PropTech Big Data company focused on providing real estate professionals with cutting-edge market analytics and insights, location intelligence and advanced valuations and delivering ultimate value to your real estate business and to your clients. We have combined our too passions and together with our partners we are on the mission to create the future of data-driven real estate. A massive opportunity is ahead of us, will you join us? 10 000+ analytics daily, 9+ markets, 700M+ property value.


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