Value-added features

We have created a portfolio of features and services that enable you to maximize value from City Performer and enhance value to your clients.

Advanced property search

Enable your clients to search properties based on location’s qualities that satisfy their needs

An innovative data-driven property search, which reimagines how your clients find their dream homes. City Performer enables you and your clients to search and find properties according to their preferences and needs, such as proximity to parks and greenery, good air quality, schools nearby or neighborhood’s connectivity.




Share the analytics with your clients and teammates

You can interact with the analytics in the application, export them in required format or share the analytics via hyperlink. It’s easy, fast and with proven results.

Text analysis and data structuring

Automatically collects, structures and organizes web text data for recommendations

There are huge amounts of unstructured data in the form of text available on websites. Manually processing and organizing huge amounts of text data is time-consuming, expensive and inaccurate. City Performer’s advanced text analysis tools help you in finding, structuring and organizing data, which you can utilizes as a custom property recommendations engine for your clients.



Import and Export

Easily import your properties into City Performer

Import your properties into City Performer, which works also as your directory. Retrieve them back anytime, whenever you need. Moreover, your properties are now digitized and analyzed.

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